Aaron Rodgers reportedly now dating a witch

The woman calls herself 'Blu of Earth' and claims to be a 'medicine woman'

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest of all-time, he’s also seems to live to the beat of a different drum off the field.

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Following his split from actress Shailene Woodley, Rodgers is rumored to be dated a woman that claims to be a witch and a “medicine woman” into psychedelic drugs called Blu of Earth.

According to sports website “Side Action” the couple recently started dating, but the details of the relationship are not exactly clear, but the site did find a photo of the couple together.

Rodgers reportedly went through a 12-day detoxification process known as Panchakarma includes making yourself vomit, going through an enema and possible bloodletting to detoxify the body.

Medical experts say the process can be dangerous and can case dehydration, dizziness and more serious side effects like seizures, kidney failure and even death.

Rodgers also came under fire after he said last offseason he was “immunized” from COVID-19.

Rodgers then apparently got COVID and as not allowed to play after it was revealed he did not get the vaccine, but instead took treatment to help increase his immunity.

After Rodgers came out of his detox program, he talked about his “unconditional love” and it seemed like the two were getting back together, but that ultimately ended in the engaged couple splitting.

According to her Instagram account, Ms. of Earth has podcast called “The Deja Blu Podcast” with one million downloads.

The podcast also has a Patreon page that “is creating tools and tips to empower, uplift, and inspire.”

The matchup seems to be on brand for Rodgers and may seem strange, but if they couple is happy, more power to them.

After speculation he might leave Green Bay, the Packers extended the 38-year-old to a massive three-year $150.815 million deal.