Cam Newton to teenage heckler: 'I'm rich!'


Chalk this one up to the youth of today just not having the respect for their elders that they used to. Or the respect for someone who’s accomplished as much as a ten year NFL starting quarterback still in the game.

In a surreal scene that was shared via social media earlier, Cam Newton is seen going back and forth verbally with what appears to be a high school aged attendee of a football camp that Newton is appearing at. The young man first chirps at Cam that he’s “a free agent”, and then the back-and-forth, which gets awkward at times, ensues.

Why the kid decided to heckle Newton in the first place we may never know. Nor why Cam decided to reply with a financial flex, saying over and over again, “I’m rich!” That reply may speak volumes to some local detractors who feel Newton is more concerned with appearance than results (he did admit recently to spending a fortune on clothes he wore once). Bragging about your financial comfort when you have other accolades and assets like a Heisman Trophy, a national championship, ten years NFL experience, an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl appearance under your belt? Maybe not the best look. Then again, neither is jawing so disrespectfully at someone who millions would aspire to be like. Free agency is a part of the game for many NFL players annually. Trying to disrespect a ten year veteran like Newton because he currently doesn’t have a team? This kid could only hope to accomplish a fraction of what Newton has.

After a few boasts about his bank statement Cam openly wonders “Where’s your pops?” to the younger man, essentially playing the disrespect card in front of the crowd. Just a weird scene for all involved. Have to imagine Cam was wondering if trying to mesh with Belichick was worth it, especially if it leads to getting heckled by high schoolers. Though if Cam was triggered by this younger fella maybe it’s a good thing there weren’t any fans in Foxboro this past season.

No word on if Cam and the Patriots, or any teams, have been in touch. As the young man pointed out correctly, he is a free agent.

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