Pirates throwing it back for Free Shirt Friday this year

Pirates throwback shirt
Pirates Throwback shirt Photo credit Pittsburgh Pirates

One of the most popular Pirates giveaways at PNC Park is the free T-shirt Fridays.

This season the Bucs are throwing it back with part of their shirt collection in 2023.

It starts on Friday, May 5 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Fans will get a 1970s-themed shirt with a psychedelic themed background and a player wearing the classic pillbox hat.

The 1980s shirt, given away on June 2 against the St. Louis Cardinals, features the classic Pirates logo that was brought back for the team’s 100th anniversary in 1987.

The final “Flashback” shirt giveaway is on July 14 against the San Francisco Giants.

It’s a red shirt that features the class Pirates logo again and celebrates the back-to-back-to-back division titles in the early 1990s. It also features the Pirates former home, Three Rivers Stadium.

Three other T-shirt Fridays celebrate Yinzerpalooza, The Homestead Grays and Star Wars Night.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pirates