It isn't just fans that are clamoring for Kenny Pickett

Hall of Famers believe #8 is the best thing for the Steelers moving forward

While he claims he didn’t hear them against the New England Patriots in the home opener, the chants of “we want Kenny” were descending down on Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin.

While Steelers fans have been clamoring for the quarterback rookie to get in the game over in place of Mitch Trubisky, Tomlin has held firm that Trubisky will be the team’s QB, as least for now.

Tomlin said he he’s improvement in every aspect of Trubisky’s game, during his weekly press conference Tuesday saying of the offense as a whole, “We’ve been better with every outing. And there’s reason to think that improvement will continue.”

But it isn’t just fans that are clamoring for Pickett to play, Hall of Famers and former Steelers players believe playing Pickett is the best thing the Steelers can do for themselves.

Rod Woodson said he would “love for Pickett to be the guy now” talking with Cook & Joe last week, adding that it would be good to develop chemistry with the wide receivers.

Former wide receiver Michael Irvin echoed those comments from Woodson, pointing out the struggles former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman had his first three season in the NFL. Of course he would go on to win three Super Bowls.

"I believe it would be a jolt of energy and maybe, maybe you start seeing something," said Irvin.

Aikman went 0-11, 7-8 and 7-5 his first three season. He’s now in the Hall of Fame.

Former Steelers cornerback, now with CBS Sports, Bryant McFadden tells Cook & Joe Pickett is the reason he still has hope for the Steelers’ season.

“Number 8 will save our season, Kenny Pickett will save our season,” said McFadden. “I think if Kenny Pickett, if he gets an opportunity to jump in, we’re going to see a different type ball club.”

McFadden also said he has a financial interest in Pickett, betting on him to be the NFL rookie of the year.

So it isn’t just fans, Rod Woodson, Michael Irvin and Bryant McFadden are three highly-respected analysts who want to see change.

But Tomlin doesn’t seem to be budging talking about “steely resolve” and that they’re going to tune out the noise. Well, that noise is getting louder.

Mitch Trubisky will start this Sunday against the New York Jets, but if the Steelers are down going into the second half, with chants of "we want Kenny" raining down, will Pickett finally get to play?

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