Steelers want QB Trubisky back but at a reduced price

The Post-Gazette's Gerry Dulac says bringing him back 'not be as simple as it sounds'

As of February 7, 2023, the Steelers have a capable backup quarterback in Mitch Trubisky heading into next season, but there are some questions that will need to be answered.

Does Trubisky want to come back and do the Steelers ant to pay his base salary of $8 million?

That’s among the highest for a backup QB in the NFL.

He also delivers a cap hit of over $10 million next year.

Steelers insider Gerry Dulac of the Post-Gazette reports the Steelers will probably ask Trubisky to take a pay cut, which would mean a new contract.

But Dulac adds while they would want Trubisky to take a pay cut, the Steelers want him back.

Trubisky has proven to be an effective backup in the NFL in a few appearances. When it comes to being a starter, he struggled for with the Steelers starting in four games after it seemed he was just given the job back in minicamp.

On The Cook and Joe Show Tuesday, Joe Starkey and Ron Cook said it makes sense for the Steelers to bring back Trubisky, even if it’s for the $8 million salary.

Trubisky will be a backup anywhere he goes most likely and he already knows the offense.

Mason Rudolph isn’t re-signing with the Steelers, so if Trubisky doesn’t come back the Steelers will need to quarterbacks.

Another question mark going into 2023, what is the durability of Kenny Pickett?

He suffered two concussions last season, missing one game.

Only time will tell, but if he isn’t an ironman-type player, they’ll need reliable backups.

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