Cold War Kids detail the dangers of music videos, including losing your favorite jacket

The band joined us live from Audacy Beach Festival

The end product of a music video is always a visually stunning spectacle. How you get there is a story in and of itself.

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Cold War Kids frontman Nathan Willett and bassist Matt Maust joined Audacy’s Ashley O live from Audacy Beach Festival as they took us inside the making of their fantastic new music video for their song “I Can’t Walk Away.”

In the video, Willett lays down on the beach and subsequently gets wet sand all over his clothes. Funny enough, it wasn’t really that uncomfortable of an experience. In fact, it was quite the opposite. “I didn’t regret it. It actually felt good because we were in the sun all day,” he said.

Willett wore one of his favorite jackets in the video, one that he bleached to give an authentic, beachy look. Unfortunately, that video shoot was the last time he had it in his possession. “In the end [I] walked into the water and thought it would be a fun, dramatic ending,” he says as he makes a throwing motion with his hands. “I thought, ‘oh I’ll just throw it into the waves and it’ll be a beautiful moment.’ It went under and I thought, ‘now I’m going to grab it,’ and it was gone! The jacket was sucked into the ocean and vanished forever.”

“I tried so hard to find it, and it was gone,” he said with a laugh.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cold War Kids were asked a question by Jack Antonoff, who wanted to know their theory of the John F. Kennedy assasination. “I think all the answers are answered in ‘Murder Most Foul,’ the Bob Dylan song,” Maust said.

“The song ‘Murder Most Foul’ is about the JFK assasination, somewhat, so I think all the answers are in there.”

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