Hozier on how a 'healthy balance' with his mood helps him create music

'The actual creation of music forms a part of that balance'
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Hozier discussed the topic of mental health, sharing how his mood influences his music and creative process, as well as certain things he does that help with his mental health.

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“I do find my state of mind, my mood, absolutely influences my music, my ability to even make music,” Hozier expressed. “There’s a bit of a chicken and egg as well too. As I find maintaining a sort of healthy balance with my own sort of internal world, my own mental health, the actual creation of music forms a part of that balance.”

He continued, “So I think when I slip too far in one direction I find it hard to make or to create. But I find when I’m in a good state, the actual creating of work, it keeps me in tune and with myself and keeps me feeling healthy."

Admittedly “not the best” at “self-starting and throwing myself into a gym,” Hozier also finds that “exercising really really helps with my mental health… Even if I can just get a walk in, twenty minutes, just fresh air.” Also on the list of things that help is “being kinder to myself and being a friend to myself, as hard as that can be sometimes.” Noting that he tries “to make a habit of that as much as I can.”

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