Eagles suddenly have a real chance to win the NFC East


Things certainly do change quickly in the NFL — and they changed in a big way on Thursday in the NFC East.

The Dallas Cowboys, once 5-1, are now 7-4 following their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving, their second straight loss. The loss also dropped the Cowboys to 1-3 in their last four games.

The Raiders upset of the Cowboys opened the door for the Eagles, who were one 2-5, to get right back into the race for the NFC title.

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The Eagles, according to the website 538, now have a 43% chance of making the playoffs and an 18% chance of winning the division. With a win on Sunday those chances would jump to 68% chance of getting into the postseason and 26% chance of overtaking the Cowboys in the NFC East.

With a win on Sunday against the New York Giants the Eagles would be just 1.5 games behind the Cowboys. Considering the remaining schedule, and the fact that they close the season with the Cowboys at home, a win on Sunday would put the Eagles on a very realistic path to pull off a shocking upset and win the division.

The Eagles, after their trip this Sunday to New Jersey to play the Giants, have games against the Jets, Washington twice and another game agains the Giants before their Week 18 match against the Cowboys.

The Cowboys, meanwhile also have nearly all division game left, but instead of playing the Jets like the Eagles are, they have to play the Cardinals — a much tougher game — and the Saints.

So will the Eagles win the division?

The way they are playing it certainly is possible. They are getting dominant offensive line play, smart quarterback play and they have shown all season they beat the teams they are supposed to. They have been winning with a style that is perfect for a December run into the postseason.

To do it they are going to have to show they can be consistent, something they haven’t shown so far this season.

If they can, however, they have a real chance to end the season as NFC East champions.

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