Badass Woman of the Week: Rebecca Bauer of Little Ferry, NJ

Online TIC listener, wife and mama with chron's and lupus fights pain 24/7
Rebecca Bauer
Rebecca with her husband Steven and son, Dean Photo credit Rebecca Bauer

Each week Christine and Salt interview the Badass Woman of the Week, a feature that aims to reward women who have overcome a challenge and emerged stronger as a result. Each Badass Woman wins an empowering B Badass bracelet from The Power to B and is featured on-air Fridays at 7:15 A.M. with Christine and Salt in the morning.

This week's honoree is Rebecca Bauer of Little Ferry, New Jersey. Yep, girlfriend listens online and we love it. She tells Christine and Salt, "I have crohn's diease and lupus. I work full time and I’m a wife, mother and pet mom. Last December I lost all my hair due to the infusion I was getting for my crohn's — which turns out I had a bad allergic reaction to the meds — and on top of that they found lupus. Even with the skin issues and being bald, I threw a beanie on and went to work. I’m in pain 24/7 but I need to be strong and a badass for my son! Life gives you challenges you have to either suffer or keep going — I choose to keep going!" Way to turn your obstacles in to opportunities, Rebecca, we are so proud of you! Check out Rebecca's inspiring interview with Christine and Salt below and don't forget to enter yourself or a loved one to be our next Badass Woman of the Week.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rebecca Bauer