Listen: Christine Gets Dumped at the Prom

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Dumped at the prom
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Hi. I'm Christine, and I got dumped at the prom. Well, ok *kind of* dumped *at* the prom. My mom wouldn't let me go because she said "the senior prom is NO PLACE for a freshman." Ugh. I was horrified. But it gets worse. And then it gets better, because out of all this high school silliness comes an Exclusive Playlist called, "Christine Gets Dumped at the Prom" from Audacy. It's all the music I listened to while going through the five stages of break-up grief. But let's rewind...

This is me as a freshman at Bitburg American High School, Germany in 1986.

Christine Lee, 1986
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This was my best friend, Denise.

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I played soccer and tennis.

Christine soccer and tennis
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She was a gymnast and a cheerleader.

Denise sports
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This is Rich. He was a star soccer player. We were dating (And by that I mean, we held hands and went to the movies.)

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Do you smell a love triangle yet? Ok, so my mom wouldn't let me go to the senior prom with Rich because she felt it was inappropriate for me to be there. I guess now that I'm an adult, I can see her point (score one for mom). Back then however, she was public enemy number one. Until Rich and Denise replaced mom as the villains.

Rich called me a few days later to ask me another question. He said, "would it be alright if I took Denise instead?"

Boom (that's my head exploding).

I was shocked. Did they like each other all along? Was I just the dummy and everyone else knew but me? So I pretended I didn't care and said, "sure, go ahead."

Mom pulled out the ice cream and I cried and cried. Then I drowned my sorrows in music.

I went through all the stages of grief and thankfully, all my best friends were there to comfort me. I'm talking about Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Madonna, The Cure, Simple Minds, A Flock of Seagulls, Til Tuesday, Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Culture Club and on and on. "Christine Gets Dumped at the Prom" brings out my inner warrior and reminds me I am stronger than I realize. We all are.

Stage 1: Denial. "You don't really wanna break up with me! I'm CRAZY FOR YOU!"


Stage 2: Anger. "THIS IS WAR."


Stage 3: Bargaining. "Don't, don't you want me? You'd better change your mind back or we WILL BOTH BE SORRY!"


Stage 4: Depression. "I just want to sleep forever and never wake up." (Why does it feel so comforting to listen to depressing music when we are down in the dumps?!)