Eric Ebron Can't Put Detroit In The Past


Good things have happened for Eric Ebron since he was cut by the Lions.

He led all tight ends in touchdowns and went to the Pro Bowl in 2018. He helped the Colts advance to the second round of the playoffs. He landed a $12 million deal with the Steelers. 

You'd think it be enough for the man to leave Detroit in the past. Then his tenure with the Lions comes up on Twitter and it's like he's been cut all over again. 

Like on Monday, when Ebron felt compelled to respond to a poll asking whether the Lions gave up on him too soon. "Nope y’all should have let me go sooner," he said. Then he decided to like a post blaming Matthew Stafford for the Lions' inability to get more out of three first-round tight ends. 
(Nevermind that T.J. Hockenson has played all of 12 games in the NFL.)

3 1st round picks for Stafford at tight end and none of them are good while playing with him. Ebron left and was 2nd in the LEAGUE in receiving touchdowns.

— Kevin Jones (@kjones85) July 19, 2020

That naturally riled up Lions Twitter, which naturally riled up Ebron further. So it goes. For whatever reason, Ebron can't put Detroit behind him. 

No, he said. He wasn't bashing Stafford -- only the bums that root for Stafford's team. 

Bash stafford??? u sensitive bums -- I love stafford y’all again BUMS the reason no one wants to be there ------ I hope we don’t have a season so y’all can finally see a winning one --‼️--‼️

— Eric Ebron (@Ebron85) July 20, 2020

We should pause here to point out some irony. For all the losing seasons on the Lions' ledger, Ebron played for three winning teams in his four seasons in Detroit. In fact, the Lions' 36-28 record from 2014-17 is one of the best four-year stretches in franchise history.

No, nothing to brag about. But let's not pretend Ebron was suffocated by some toxic, losing environment. Want some more irony? When Ebron *wasn't* on the field during the same stretch of time, the Lions went 7-1.

Anyway, the spat went on and on, and Ebron even circled back Tuesday morning. 

Y’all take more L’s than any organization -- u never Win --

— Eric Ebron (@Ebron85) July 21, 2020

But he's over it, right? 

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