Ron Gardenhire To Joe Kelly, Dodgers: 'Just Let It Go'

It was bound to happen eventually, and Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly made sure we didn't have to wait. He took aim at the Astros Tuesday night on behalf of everyone cheated by Houston's sign-stealing scandal. Kelly threw a fastball over the head of Alex Bregman, then knocked Carlos Correa to his knees and mocked him while walking off the mound.

Major League Baseball handed Kelly an eight-game suspension. It felt harsh, especially in a 60-game season. Not to Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire. He took issue with Kelly's actions in the first place. 

"It’s crazy," Gardenhire told the Jamie and Stoney Show. "That's out of hand, just let it go. It’s over with, it’s past, we have to move forward. We got enough going on in this world with what we’re dealing with right now and trying to play this baseball season.

"That stuff, it’s not going to bring it back, it’s never going to change what happened. They paid for it, the manager paid for it and you just have to move forward. All that stuff, staying with it, ‘You did this, you did that,’ it doesn’t matter. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened in baseball that wasn’t good and you just move on, and that’s what I think should happen. That’s silly stuff." 

Clearly MLB is of the same belief. Its message came through loud and clear: no beanballs. Gardenhire might be an old-school skipper, but in this case he's smartly taking the side of the league.