Welcome Back Roberto! Check Out His New Look Here

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Photo credit (Photo By George Fox)
(97.l The Ticket) Call him what you will -- the laughing guy, the bald a**hole, the mayor of bad taste and even worse decisions, the Italian meatball -- Roberto Boschian is back.

Roberto returned to the Valenti show Monday from what felt to some like a very long furlough, and to others seemed too short.

Say what you will, Roberto's return was memorable.

No longer the bald man beloved by Detroit sports fans, he's now sporting, shall we say, a fuller look.

He gained the COVID 25, mostly on top of his head.

Roberto Boschian with hair, Valenti show with hairTwitter

That's right, Roberto Boschian paid a little visit to the Hair Club for Men while he was away.

Does he think we wouldn't notice?

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