Fake heiress Anna Delvey reveals new podcast to 'redefine what criminal means'

Delvey also unveiled a much-different look as celebrity guests fawn over her
Anna Delvey
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Gone are the heavy black glasses and the strange accent that sounded like a hybrid from long-forgotten European royalty, but fake heiress Anna Delvey launched her new podcast today with no doubt who she is.

"You might recognize my name as the character in a Netflix show," Delvey says in the intro, adding that she aims to question "traditional notions about right and wrong."

Delvey, 32, who was featured in 'Inventing Anna,' launched her podcast from house arrest in New York where she's been since she was caught posing as a Russian heiress and shaking down big names for big money under the guise of investing in an art project.

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"I watched the first season (of 'Two Broke Girls') in jail, on my jail tablet," Delvey tells guest Whitney Cummings in one of the two episodes she dropped Tuesday. "I only had the first season there, so I couldn't watch any more."

Cummings said she was excited to be on the podcast because she's fascinated by Delvey. "You're probably going to take over the podcast world," she says.

The new podcast comes as Delvey is being sued by her former lawyer for $152,000 in unpaid bills and as she debuted what appeared to be a new face with no word of how she paid for it.

"Were you afraid to tell me no?' a giggling Delvey asks Cummings about appearing on the pod. "No, you're not a famous male comedian," Cummings deadpans.

No one what to expect from future episodes, but rumors abound that big players in Hollywood will appear. In the first that dropped, guests fawn over Delvey while she giggles.

"Do you feel all successful women are either criminals or whores?" Delvey asks Cummings.

The writer, comedian and actor first says she doesn't believe in the concept of a 'whore,' and adds about criminals, "We sort of have to con people quite a bit. We rely on a lot of smoke and mirrors. In my profession, stretching the truth is part of being a good business person and fake it 'til you make it is not looked down upon for the most part."

Cummings goes on to praise being resourceful and creative and trying to ascend the class you're born into.

Delvey adds, "We should redefine what criminal means."

Delvey was sentenced to four years in jail in April 2019, and later released on good behavior. She was re-arrested for overstaying her visa and remains in limbo on house arrest while she fights to stay in the U.S.

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