Record-breaking 9 foot catfish caught

Record catfish
Photo credit Madcat Fishing

“When it surfaced for the first time, I really realized that I hooked a monster, adrenaline started pumping hard and the fear of losing it almost sent me into a panic.”

That’s what went through Alessandro Biancardi’s mind as he attempted to reel in what may be a new world record catch.

Biancardi, an Italian fishing pro, pulled in a catfish that measured over 9 feet long, according to a news release by his company Madcat Fishing.

“I was alone facing the biggest catfish I ever seen in 23 years,” he said about the work it took to bring in the massive aquatic specimen, which measured 9.35 feet, about an inch and a half longer than what currently stands as the world record.

As for the weight though, that will have to live on as a question unanswered: Biancardi allowed the fish to return to the water before it could be weighed.

“I was very curious about the weight but I feared to stress too much that rare specimen so I decided to safely release it, hoping it could give another angler the same joy he gave to me,” he said.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Madcat Fishing