Watch: Man survives after bungee cord breaks during 10-story fall

Bungee jumper
Photo credit Getty Images

A thrill-seeker in Thailand cheated death – and went viral online – when he survived what could have been a tragic mishap.

The tourist from Hong Kong found all the adventure he bargained for and then some when he went for a bungee jump from a 10-story tall podium, and the cord tethering him snapped.

Luckily for the man, his jump was attempted over a body of water, and he impacted with a splash rather than a splat.

However, the unexpected landing left him covered in bruises.

The park where he attempted the jump reimbursed him for the cost of admission to the attraction and also paid for X-rays and ultrasound scans.

For his part, the man said he felt like “someone beat him up real bad,” according to KPEL.

The footage of the incident has gone viral. You can see the near-tragedy for yourself by clicking here.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images