Jared Goff leads the NFL in fumbles. No, Campbell isn't worried about his (small) hands.


Ever since Jared Goff fumbled 37 times in three years at Cal, then measured nine-inch hands at the 2016 combine, then fumbled 30 times in his first three years as the starting quarterback for the Rams, well, critics have wondered about the man's hands -- which are small by the standards of an NFL quarterback. A 6'4 quarterback, no less.

And now four games into his tenure with the Lions, Goff has the most fumbles (5) in the NFL. His 43 fumbles since 2017 are the third most in the league.

Say, Coach, does hand size mean anything for a quarterback?

"No," Dan Campbell said Tuesday on the Stoney & Jansen Show. "I mean, look, if you got in real frigid weather maybe it could have an effect a little bit on it, just gripping the ball if you were in negative 20 degrees. But I think ultimately he’s got big enough hands and a strong enough grip on that football that I don’t think that’s an issue."

Goff fumbled three times in the Lions' Week 4 loss to the Bears, though one of them came on a wonky snap where, yeah, you remember. The other two were out-right stripped from his hand, the first of which killed a long drive for Detroit three yards from Chicago's end zone. Does hand size matter? No, not really. Not until it does.

And because you're all dying to know: Matthew Stafford has 10-inch hands and 18 fewer fumbles than Goff since 2017.

Another tidbit from Campbell's weekly interview on 97.1 The Ticket: he would have had no issue with John Harbaugh and the Ravens running the ball on the final play of a blowout to chase an NFL rushing record the way Baltimore did last Sunday against Denver -- a move that Broncos HC Vic Fangio called "bullsh*t."

"Look, I don’t blame anybody for trying to stick it to us," Campbell said. "It’s our job to stop ‘em. I just know if I was a player opposite of that, I’d be like, 'You’re not getting that record on me, I don’t care if you won the game or not.' That’s where my mind goes, so as a coach I think that’s where my mind goes: 'OK, I know you probably won this game here, but you’re not getting the record on us.'"

The Ravens got five yards from QB Lamar Jackson on the final snap of a 23-7 win to tie the Steelers' NFL record of 43 straight games with triple-digit rushing yards, one week after they kept the streak alive by rushing for 116 yards against Detroit.

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