Campbell would 'give up a body part' to play in NFL again. He wants the same passion from his players.


Dan Campbell spent most of Sunday's loss to the Bengals stalking the Lions' sideline, his jaw clenched, his neck veins swollen, his face turning red. When the game spiraled in the second half, Campbell had the look of a coach who wanted to play, who wanted to storm the field and hit the first thing in sight. He might have been an upgrade over his players, who were routed at home to fall to 0-6 on the season.

Campbell shed tears for his team after it lost to the Vikings. He was out of pity a week later. He clenched the podium, pointed in disgust toward the field and nearly tore apart a box score after the Bengals ripped through the Lions. "They whipped our ass," he said, and that was the truth. As Detroit enters the seventh week of the season searching for its first win, Campbell said Monday his message to his players is simple:

"You've got a job to do. This game is the best game in the world, man. It’s a privilege to play it."

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Campbell would know. He did a decade of dirty work in the NFL as a blocking tight end, and he'd do a decade more if he could. He wants his players to show the same hunger for the game.

"Shoot, man, if I could go back right now, I&#x