Amon-Ra St. Brown dodges flag and fine for … overthrusting


Apparently, Amon-Ra St. Brown was one celebratory thrust away from getting flagged in the Lions' win over the Chiefs last week -- and likely fined by the NFL.

"That's what my coach said," said St. Brown.

After St. Brown thrusted against the air a la Jamaal Williams a la Key & Peele's Hingle McCringleberry following his first-quarter touchdown, the officials told Dan Campbell that St. Brown had nearly exceeded his allotment of thrusts. Campbell relayed the message to Lions receivers coach Antwaan Randle El, who told St. Brown, "Saint, one more pump and they said they were gonna throw the flag."

"Crazy," said St. Brown.

Even crazier is this: an adult entertainment company was so impressed by St. Brown's thrusting skills that it offered him $1 million to be its ... Chief Thrusting Officer. All St. Brown would have to do is come on the company's platform once a week through the season and run a thrusting "training camp."

The company even sent St. Brown a letter that said, "You have the skills, thrills and raw talent to take a roster spot we’ve been trying to fill on our team for quite some time now. Our platform values the moxie you have that others don’t."

St. Brown will continue to focus on football instead. He's relieved to have dodged a flag for his celebration last week and any fine that might have come with it: "Shoot, I don’t see an envelope in my locker, so I think I passed," he grinned.

Not that he plans to stop celebrating any time soon. Asked if he has anything in the works for Sunday's home opener, St. Brown said, "I gotta go in with a plan every time I touch that paint, so I’ll have a plan ready by game time."

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK