Pistons debut new floor at Little Caesars Arena. Thoughts?


Wednesday night the Pistons took the floor at Little Caesars Arena for their preseason opener against the Spurs. And when they got out there, you may have noticed something different.

While the Pistons have a new-look team this year behind No. 1 pick Cade Cunningham, they also have a new-look court.

The first change that many noticed was the blue outline around the court, which had famously been red throughout the Pistons' time at Cobo Hall, The Silverdome, The Palace and now LCA.

The other noticeable change to the floor was the lack of paint inside, ya know, 'the paint.'

The Pistons christened the court with a 115-105 win over the Spurs, fueled by a 39-point first quarter. If they keep that up, fans will still be happy if they paint the floor pink.