Biologist explains why some people have foot fetishes

Woman wearing yellow heels
Woman wearing yellow heels Photo credit Getty Images

Foot fetishes are the most common fetishes in the world, and there are plenty of folks who just can't figure out why.

For most, feet are gross and it's almost impossible to think how anybody could find them attractive.

Well according to biologist Forrest Valkai, it's all because of the brain.

Valkai explained via LADBible that foot fetishes occur due to the part of the brain called the somatosensory cortex, which is the area that makes "you feel things."

Apparently, this part of the brain is right next to the part of the brain that control your feet and toes. He explains, "It's so easy for these wires to get crossed because they're literally bumping up against each other. That's why foot fetishes are the most common fetishes in the world."

A 2007 study backed up Valkai's claim, saying that of the over 5,000 participants were involved and it showed that "feet and objects associated with feet were the most common target of preferences."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images