Friends are marrying each other in completely platonic unions to be "recognized as a family"

Couple holding hands tightly
Couple holding hands tightly Photo credit Getty Images

We've always heard to be wary about moving in with your best friend, because becoming roommates can destroy friendships.

Well, it seems people are taking this one step further these days, and MARRYING their best friends, vowing to "never leave their best friend's side for better or worse."

And strangest of all, these marriages are completely platonic, meaning neither party has any desire to further their relationship between friendship.

Last month, Jay Guercio and Krystle Purificato donned dresses, walked down the aisle, exchanged vows and rings, and shared their first and only kiss. Guercio told the New York Times, "I want her to continue to be my best friend and my life partner."

Though they sleep in the same bed, their relationship remains purely platonic.

Indigo Stray Conger, a sex and relationship therapist in Denver, believes that platonic marriages have been prevalent since marriage became an institution, and that marrying for love is more of an "oddity" in human history.

She says, "A platonic marriage is more than a passing year with a roommate who has different ideas about kitchen cleanliness,” Conger said. “A platonic marriage is a deep bond and lifelong commitment to a nesting partner you build a shared life with.”

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