Survey finds the top arguments we get into in the car include tailgating, speeding, and sudden braking

Angry driver honking his horn
Angry driver honking his horn Photo credit Getty Images

So there are definitely things that all our significant others do that drive us crazy. ESPECIALLY when they are driving.

Does your husband have a few instances of road rage here and there? Does your wife hug the curb a little too close? You are not alone!

According to The Sun, the top ten arguments people get into most in the car include:

1. Using your phone while driving.

2.  Tailgating.

3.  Passing someone in a dangerous way.

4.  Braking at the last minute.

5.  Braking too hard for no reason.

6.  Speeding.

7.  Not using turn signals.

8.  Staying in the left lane the whole time.

9.  Staying in the middle lane the whole time.

10. Driving tired, so there's a constant worry they could doze off

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