Florida town putting up signs warning drivers of “Smartphone Zombies”

People looking at smartphones while walking through crosswalk
People looking at smartphones while walking through crosswalk Photo credit Getty Images/ultramansk

Florida residents need to look out for zombies on the road!

No, nobody got into a reserve of bath salts or anything, this is a different kind of zombie…a “Smartphone Zombie.”

The town of Mulberry, Florida has put up dozens of signs warning motorists of “Smartphone Zombies” aka, pedestrians who are so engulfed in their phones they’re not paying attention to their surroundings!

According to WFLA, a city official got the idea for the signs from a meme, but decided to put up real ones anyway especially around schools and libraries, where kids are often walking around on their phones and sometimes while wearing headphones.

Reactions to the signs have been mixed, but Mulberry officials say the signs are made locally at a relatively low cost, and it doesn't hurt to raise awareness for the fact that pedestrians are not always as alert as they should be.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/ultramansk