Hope For The Holidays

Hope For The Holidays
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For 28 years listeners of The Johnny Dare Morning Show have given a hand up to fellow listeners in need. Hope For The Holidays is here to help people that may have had a run of bad luck, lost a job, or suffered an illness that has put them in a tight spot.

It's helping a family provide some sort of Christmas for their children, fixing a car so a person can get to work and back, or paying a late heating bill so a family isn't freezing in their own home. These are good, hard-working people that simply need a hand up to get their lives back on track, yet don't qualify for any social services.

To submit your story, send an email to hope@989therock.com. Please include your full contact information INCLUDING PHONE NUMBER. Hope For The Holidays is a hand up, not a hand out. We thank you for participating.

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