EXCLUSIVE: FOX pundit says liberal media wants you to believe conservatives are 'dumb hillbillies chewing on a straw'

GOP voters
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There's not a single Democratic voter who cares about the current priorities of the party, according to Jimmy Failla during a special live after show with Tara Servatius on the Audacy app.

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"If you turn on MSNBC or CNN at night they're basically just telling rich, elite white people they're better than the rest of the country," Failla told Servatius, adding, "A lot of what I'm trying to remind the viewer is that you get a lot of critiques from the left that are based on a caricature of who they've sold their audience on."

He went on to say Joe Scarborough and similar shows want the world to believe conservatives are 'dumb hillbillies, barefoot, chewing on a straw,' who 'don't know any better' and are 'racist' and just don't care.

The left wants viewers to believe there are no pro-life women, or gay GOP voters, he added.

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