5 Tips to Setting Off Your July 4 Fireworks Safely

By Kelly Meyers

(107.9 The Link) - We are just a few days away from July 4th. You probably have all the best food and have come up with some creative patriotic drinks to serve up to the crowd before you end the night with your own fireworks display! 

The fireworks are beautiful. They make people say "ooh and ahhhhhh!" But they are also very dangerous especially if you do not know what you are doing. If you've ever injured yourself while setting off fireworks or other July 4th items, you already know that you really need to be careful. I burned myself when I was about eight or so on a hot sparkler. I was on my grandmother's back porch and I was running around with sparklers having a ton of fun. When one was done, I put it on the porch banister and then proceeded to put my hand down onto it. OUCH! I don't think I have touched a sparkler in the 31-years since that happened. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, 12,844 people suffered injuries from fireworks last year! That's a lot! So how can we do better this year? 

5 Fireworks Safety Tips:

1. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! If you've been drinking and are feeling even slightly impaired, just stay away from the fireworks and fire in general! Many of the injuries that happen every year are due to someone drinking too much and doing something they otherwise wouldn't because they are intoxicated! 

2. Keep Your Distance: If you've been to a professional fireworks show like Skyshow, you have probably noticed that there's an area marked off to keep people away from where the fireworks are being launched. This is just in case one of the vessels you shoot them off from tips over or if there's a firework that goes off before it becomes airborne. If a firework is coming your way, run fast. Do not point fireworks toward people, homes, or other objects. 

3. Keep the kids and pets safe!  Pets are not fans of loud noises so they will be very scared when fireworks are going off in your neighborhood. Keep them in a room in your home where they cannot escape. Most pets run away around the 4th of July because of fireworks. And I would think this would be a no-brainer, but keep kids away from the big people's fireworks. Let them play with sparklers and other items like pop its! Keep your eyes on them at all times to make sure they do not burn themselves or get to close to the action. 

4. Do not smoke around fireworks! Again, this one seems like it's an obvious one. If you've ever gone to one of those giant stores that sell fireworks, you've probably seen all the no smoking signs. There's a reason for that! 

5. Leave the Fireworks to the professionals! If you really want to make sure you don't get injured this year, just go see some fireworks put on by professionals. Looking for the best one in the area? Skyshow is coming up on July 4th at BB&T Ball Park. These are the real deal fireworks that you cannot buy at one of those stands across the border. 

Isn't that an incredible show? There's no way you could pull that off in your subdivision, I'm just sayin'! Plus most fireworks are illegal in NC. The legal ones include poppers, sparklers, fountains and other novelty items that don't explode, spin, leave the ground or fly through the air. Just go and get your tickets for Skyshow below.