Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell Gets Assist From Slash in Removing Rattlesnake From Home

Who else would you call?

If there's something rattling in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Slash, apparently. 

Alice in Chains guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell came upon a rattlesnake hanging on his property this week, and figured that the Guns N' Roses guitarist, a well-known snake enthusiast and overall animal conservationist, might be able to help.

As Cantrell explains, Slash contacted a friend of his from the Los Angeles Zoo named Ian, who promptly arrived at the grunge rocker's house and safely retrieved the rattlesnake from his residence and returned it to the wild.

"Snake problem? Who you gonna call? Slash of course, duh!?!" Cantrell wrote in an Instagram post alongside video of Ian removing the rattler.

"Thanks for introducing me to Ian from the LA zoo who came over and expertly removed my unwanted guest, and relocated him to a more suitable location," he adds. "Glad we didn't have to kill him."

"Stoked that Ian could help out, thanks Ian!" Slash responded in the comments. "Jerry, so glad you called me, snake will live to fight another day!"

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