Earned it: The Weeknd scores his very own Super Bowl ring

Featuring a diamond representation of the Lombardi Trophy, plus the letters 'XO'
The Weeknd
Photo credit Getty Images

He didn’t actually play in the Super Bowl, but The Weeknd has acquired a custom-designed, diamond-studded Super Bowl ring commemorating his recent halftime performance.

Celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte showed off the ring on his Instagram: On its face, the massive bauble features a diamond representation of the football-shaped Lombardi Trophy, plus the letters "XO," which is The Weeknd’s record label.

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On the side, the ring displays the final score of the game – Bucs 31, Chiefs 9 – plus the Super Bowl LV logo, The Weeknd’s name and another football-shaped diamond. The other side includes the logo of the Pepsi Halftime Show

According to Page Six, the team usually contributes $7,000 per ring, but The Weeknd’s bling likely costs at least ten times that much. According to Eliantte’s Instagram caption, it appears to be a gift from a member of the singer’s team.

By the way, Eliantte recently made headlines for embedding a $24 million pink diamond in the forehead of rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

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