Grey Daze Hopes New Album, 'Amends,' Shows the 'Character' of Chester Bennington

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Chester Bennington's pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze has released a new album called Amends. The record includes updated versions of older songs in the group's catalog featuring newly recorded instrumentals accompanying the late Bennington's original vocal takes.

Peppered throughout Amends are little clips of a young Bennington talking and joking with his band mates and producer during the original recording sessions. Speaking to ABC Audio, Grey Daze drummer Sean Dowdell feels that those moments illustrate the personality and character of the future rock superstar, who died by suicide in 2017.

"I think it was important to show the character of not only Chester, but the group at the time," Dowdell explains. "We messed with each other a lot, we had a lot of fun."

"It was important for me not just to record the song, those little things really showed the character of the individuals involved," he adds.

In addition to those clips, Amends ends with a song called "Shouting Out," which includes a recording of a voicemail Bennington left.

"It's just kinda him saying goodbye," Dowdell says. "It gives you a feeling of comfort, peace and love, I think, when you get to hear that, him leave that voicemail. It's really cool, it's very special."

The title Amends comes from the song "Morei Sky," in which Bennington sings, "If I had a second chance/I'd make amends."

"It kind of seems to fit the entirety of what transpired with Chester's passing, what we think he would say if he was here," Dowdell says.

"I'm fairly confident that Chester regretted his choice the moment he did it," he continues. "I think he was filled with tons of love, and he would've loved to been able to say he was sorry, and didn't mean to do what he had done."

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