Kid Cudi Marks His Comeback With New COVID-19 Inspired Track 'Leader of the Delinquents'

His first solo song since 2016

Kid Cudi is back! The "Day 'n' Night" rapper dropped a new track at the stroke of midnight Tuesday - his first release in nearly two years and first solo effort since 2016.

"Leader of the Delinquents" doubles as a COVID-19 anthem as the track starts off with Cudi noting how he wants to "smack 'em with some s*** before the world ends."

"Same old denims, worn for days/ I've been home makin' jams and many wonderful waves/ I've seen in wonderful shades/ Peekin' at the shadows of the new landscape/ I've been trapped in my mind, I've been tryin' to escape," the 36-year-old raps as he touches on the disconnect he feels from the "fame and loneliness."

Cudi reflects on his beginnings and how they still mentally affect him before exploring why he's amassed a following. "Cause they connect with Cudder, real simple," he surmises before naming himself "the leader of the delinquents."

For those dying for more Cudi, know that he's already working hard on his previously announced seventh full-length studio album, Entergalactic.

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