Migos Discusses COVID-19's Disproportionate Toll on African Americans

"It's true, we don't have the resources'

Migos' members Offset and Quavo caught up with Vice TV's Shelter in Place to discuss the disproportionate toll COVID-19 has taken on the African American community and their families, which they believe is a result of lack of resources such as healthcare insurance.

"It's true, we don't have the resources," said Offset, who lost his uncle to coronavirus last month. "You know we got all this [money] and 'we're successful' and still family members in our family that don't have or don't qualify for health insurance or they can't get it."

"It's like when you don't have the resources and the funds, you're just out of luck and that's just what is in real life," he said adding, "There's not a lot of resources, a lot of folks don't have money."

Offset said even when you try to pay upfront for healthcare, "that still doesn't work. You have to go through different processes and you still might not be eligible."

He added, "It leaves them to suffer or try to have a chance at surviving, that's so small."

Quavo also shared his family's experiences while touching on the ideology that African Americans don't like to go to the doctor.

"Our culture, we become doctors ourselves," Quavo said, "It's like our culture really barely goes to the doctor... because we just we wait until it gets super-super-duper serious."

Quavo also revealed his grandmother passed away from cancer four years ago, "just because [of] the fact she didn't know... when really we could have got her the best help in the world."

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