Bride Has Dundie Award-Worthy 'Office' Themed Shower


By Molly Ade

This office-themed bridal shower can’t be “beet.”

Florida bride Kayleigh Brown is such a super-fan of the TV show “The Office,” she even has a beet tattoo to pay homage to the show.

So when it came to planning her bridal shower, Kayleigh’s Party Planning Committee knew exactly how to decorate.

The party was decked out with wall to wall references, from the “It is your bridal shower.” sign, to beets, from Dwight Schrute’s farm, serving as centerpieces.

The dessert table featured Stanley’s favorite “Pretzel Day” pretzels, and cookies with hilarious quotes from the show.

Throughout the day, the bride sipped Meredith-themed mimosas from a World’s Best Bride mug.

The Dundee for World’s Best Bridesmaids goes to Kayleigh’s crew.