This Corgi Cafe Is Complete with Lattes and Adorable Pups


Cat cafes are so last year!

Customers at Corgi in the Garden café in Bangkok are guaranteed to find puppy love.

For $11 an hour, patrons can play with one of the 12 adorable corgis that the Thai venue has on site.

The café’s owner Tanchanok Kanawaong got the idea to feature the four-legged friends due to a surprise litter of pups & the desire to share their cuteness with others.

“I just wanted to share the love and happiness,” she said. “Two of my dogs had seven puppies … and the number grew, so we wanted to spread the joy with others.”

The corgis, who have names like Porkchop, Pumpkin and Babycorn, work six days a week, but are given naptimes throughout the day to make sure they get plenty of rest.

The café has been a huge success with tourists and locals alike who can play, give treats  &, most importantly, take pictures with the corgis for their Instagram, while enjoying their coffee. Corgis are small dogs that come in two breeds, the Pembroke and Cardigan. The café features the Pembroke, which happens to be the most popular and a personal favorite of the Queen of England.

At Corgi in the Garden you’re in royal company.