Study Shows It's Safe to Perform CPR During Coronavirus Pandemic

For four months we've been scrubbing our hands, sanitizing, wearing face coverings, and keeping away from others.  So the idea of performing CPR during the coronavirus pandemic seems like a no-no, right? Wrong.

Many are at least familiar with the emergency lifesaving procedure - rescue breaths and chest compressions - even if they've not been formally trained.

More recently, guidance for the untrained focuses on just doing the chest compressions. That guidance for the general public has been re-issued for the era of coronavirus.

"If you aren't comfortable with giving the rescue breaths, you should still perform the chest compressions," says Angie Springs, with the American Red Cross in Kansas City.

As reported by CNN, it's strongly encouraged that people still perform CPR on others during the global pandemic, according to a report published by a group of Seattle emergency room doctors in the journal Circulation.

Springs says typically you would be assisting someone that you're already close to, so the risk of contracting COVID-19 is not high.

However, it's always best to be safe, and prepared. “It’s advised, if available, that you use personal protective equipment (PPE)”, she says.

But even if you're a 'bystander', the risk of contracting the coronavirus is still low according to emergency medical experts.

Want to be trained in CPR and the use of an AED to rescue a life? Here are some options in Kansas City:

American Heart Association

Children's Mercy Hospital

American Red Cross

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