Cooped Up From Quarantine? Here Are 5 Great At-Home Workouts


With the majority of the world in self-quarantine, and gyms closing its doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a sedentary lifestyle can easily occur.

But with the help of YouTube, there are thousands of rewarding and effective workouts that can be done at home.

Here are five of the best fitness routines ranging from full-body cardio to low impact training, that both beginners and experts can enjoy. 

Apartment Friendly Fat Burning Cardio

YouTuber Cassey Ho, who has been on the social platform for 10 years, and has a following of over 4 million, is known for her Pop Pilates series. Fun, yet intense workouts that tackle several different muscle groups, Cassey will take you on a sweaty and incredibly satisfying journey. 

Abs Challenge

This 11-minute video from Chloe Ting racks in over 22 million views and features a set of easy moves that packs a great punch. Bright graphics and an on-screen timer lets the audience know what move is coming up, and how long until the current motion is completed. Together with fun music and some Chloe-esque motivation, this is a great addition to any at-home workout. 

Low Impact Fat Burning Routine

Fitness YouTuber Chris Heria brings a 7-minute training session designed to jumpstart your morning. A low impact workout, Chris shows his audience simple movements that can be incorporated into your morning routine.

Beginner Full Body Workout

While some people are fitness gurus and hit the gym as part of their daily routine, others are new to the game. That’s where Pamela Reif comes in. From southwest Germany, Pamela has a loyal following of almost 2 million on YouTube. It’s no surprise however, because the workouts featured on her online fitness program are high quality and effective. This workout in particular is 21 minutes long, needs no equipment but your body, and contains simple movements. 

30 Minute Boxing Workout

While boxing gloves are not needed for this workout, 30 minutes of dedicated time is most important. The video includes a warm up session to ease into the workout, and each movement can be modified to suit your fitness strengths, so all-levels can partake. Do note that this workout includes several jumping motions so this routine would be best on a ground-level apartment unit, a house, or can be taken outside.

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