How Hot Is It? Man Sells $10 'Grams of Water'

"For $5, I even got faucet water."

(WWJ) -- As metro Detroit endures days that feel like sitting on the surface of the sun, some are having fun with the situation.

This guy, in particular. He's selling 'grams' of water wrapped in individual Baggies for $10 each on Facebook marketplace. The tongue-in-cheek reference is a play on street drugs in Detroit.

The seller notes, "I got that Fiji, Voss water, essential water, spring water, and for $5 I even got faucet water."

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Photo credit Courtesy, Facebook

The seller is Bradley Stokes, and he's getting tons of request for his water.

"Lol," "Is this still available?" and "I'm dead" are the most common responses to his listing.

Enjoy the joke, but don't cry with laughter. You'll get dehydrated.

And dehydration is dangerous right now, so eat and drink correctly and stay inside when you can.