How Woman Delivers 'Baskets of Hope' to Babies with Down Syndrome

By Audacy

Brittany Schiavone has a message for those with Down syndrome:

“They can get married, they can work, they can move out, or some people can play sports,” she told RADIO.COM

Despite this, she knows that raising a baby with special needs can be hard on new parents.

That’s why she founded "Brittany’s Baskets of Hope," which is a nonprofit where she creates and delivers baskets filled with toys, clothes and educational resources on Down syndrome to parents and their precious newborns.

So far, Brittany has delivered over a 700 baskets in 48 states including Hawaii.

Because of her hard work, she was one of 31 people recognized by the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities as “One of a Kind.”

Brittany hopes to continue delivering baskets through contributions from kind strangers.

We congratulate her for her hard work and being such an inspirational figure