Luke Perry’s 18-Year-Old Daughter Names Malawi School After Him


Video By Meredith Ganzman

A school in Africa is honoring the memory of Luke Perry.

The late Riverdale star’s daughter, Sophie Perry, helps build preschools in Malawi and revealed a new educational facility has opened that was named after her father.

The news comes less than two months since the beloved actor died from a massive stroke at the age of 52.

The 18-year-old recently returned to Malawi after flying to the US to be with her family following Perry’s death.

“First few days back in Malawi have been very emotional but it feels right to come back, to finish what I started, to do the most with whatever time we have left,” the activist captioned a photo reflecting on her philanthropic mission. “I recently learned that may not be as much time as we think. It was quick and scary to leave home again so soon, but there’s a job to be done, and someone to make proud.”

Earlier this month, Sophie disclosed she struggled with asking people for money to build the school, but ultimately realized helping the needs of the children in Malawi was more important than her pride.

“I have been going back and forth for a while now on whether or not it felt appropriate for me to promote my work and ask for donations to help fund the projects I am working on in Africa, given the circumstances of how I came to have this following,” she wrote. “But with the help of some friends, I realized that what I am doing is bigger than me and my pride. So here I am, saying that there is a link in my bio to my GoFundMe, where my team mates and I are collecting donations for the development of preschools in Malawi. If you would like to donate, check it out! Absolutely anything helps!”

While the new school is keeping her father’s legacy alive, Sophie is definitely making him proud.