McDonald's Is Preparing to Reopen — But With These Major Changes, According to Internal Document

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Fast food behemoth McDonald's has outlined in a 59-page reopening guide for restaurant owners a slew of protocols they should follow in light of the coronavirus pandemic as their locations prepare to reopen.

The illustrated guide was published last week, and the contents of it were reported on Thursday by The Wall Street Journal. The guide also includes a "three-page question-and-answer section in the guide covers security risks to workers managing resistant customers or loiterers," according to the Journal.

Among the changes:

-Clean bathrooms every 30 minutes

-Enforce social distancing in restaurants

-Either close public soda fountains or deploy a staff member to monitor them

-Use foot-pulls for bathroom doors so customers may open them without using their hands

-Workers need to wear masks and gloves

-Restaurants need to make face shields available for customers in areas required by law

Something that franchisees are not to keen on is the list of pricey new products they will have to obtain, including a $310 automatic towel dispenser and a $718 touchless sink. 

“We ask that you remember: we only get one chance to do this the right way,” the guide said, according to the report.

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