Millions Welcome Spring by Celebrating Holi, the 'Festival of Colors'


The beginning of spring also signifies the start of the two-day celebration called Holi. This year’s holiday began yesterday and ends today.

Observed for centuries, millions of Hindus around the world take part in the holiday, which is also known as the "Festival of Colors."

Believers start the celebrations on the eve of the full moon by burning bonfires that represent the triumph of good over evil and comemorates when the demoness, Holika, was defeated by the God Vishnu.

The following day is when Holi’scolorful festivities beginas revelers take to the streets to dance, sing and throw brightly hued powders at one another. 

Many typically wear white clothes that are completely stained in vibrant colors by the end. 

The effect of being covered in the various shades is typically seen as making everyone equal regardless of wealth, gender, age or other differences.

Each of the colors has its own symbolism. Red means love and fertility. Blue represents Krishna, and green is a symbol for new beginnings.

So, whether you celebrate or not, everyone can share in the joy of this colorful holiday … but definitely give a heads up before throwing any dye at someone!