Nutella Wants to Give Your Favorite Morning Person $15,000

Jar of Nutella
Photo credit Courtesy of Nutella

A thick smear of Nutella on, well, on anything is the best part of a lot of people’s days. The chocolate hazelnut spread has penetrated the public consciousness in a way that few items available on your local grocery store shelf ever will. It’s inspired pop-up restaurants, the opportunity to make a number of questionable fashion choices and substantial online freakouts over both shortages and surpluses. And now Nutella’s parent company Ferrero wants to know what else makes you happy. The best way to eat chocolate at breakfast time is taking submissions in its “Who Makes Your Morning” contest, asking fans what in their life besides a Nutella filled crepe is a morning highlight for them.

“Nominees can be anyone from a family member to a local bus driver or even just a friendly neighbor,” the company said this morning. And for one of those family members, bus drivers or friendly neighbors brightening someone’s morning is going to pay off in a big way. The winner of the Who Makes Your Morning will win $15,000 while the person who nominated him or her will get $3,000.

Even if your nominee doesn’t win you can thank them with some of that sweet, sweet Nutella. In addition to the contest Ferrero announced that it’s releasing “appreciation” jars. Instead of “Nutella” the jars will be emblazoned with positive messages like “my hero,” “you rock” and “love you.”

You can nominate your favorite morning person on the Nutella website until June 30 and pick up the limited edition jars while supplies last.