Man Intubated With Coronavirus Makes Remarkable Recovery

Jacobi Medical Center
Photo credit David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

A former coronavirus patient in the Bronx is spreading hope through his story of miraculously recovering from the disease after being intubated in the ICU.

Eric Quiles, 34, said he’s indebted to the medical staff at Jacobi Medical Center after being discharged on Thursday.

“I went from ‘see you later’ to possibly never seeing them ever,” Quiles said. “It was very traumatic.”

The father of four told CBS2 that he was admitted to a hospital after having difficulty breathing on March 29 and days later was placed on a ventilator.

It was just a different ventilator strategy than we started using, which we found to be very helpful, and then certain medications also that we've added to our repertoire of taking care of these patients,” Reddy said.

At a time when the hospital said most of its ventilated patients don’t recover, Quiles’ story has become a sign of hope.

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