Pizza Hut Changed The Recipe for Their Most Popular Pizza

Pan pizza
Photo credit Shannon O'Hara

Pizza Hut has gone ahead and given its Original Pan Pizza a makeover for the first time in 40 years.

Effective immediately, the chain has altered the recipe to their most popular item since first unveiling it in 1980. WHY?!

The updated pizza features a new blend of cheese and sauce and is baked in a new type of pan that allegedly gives it a crispier texture and golden brown crust.

"We know that taste is king for our customers, so we're excited to roll out this new, state-of-the-art pan technology, combined with our perfected blend of cheese and sauce ratio," the company said in a press release. "We've put a lot of energy and love into refining this beloved pizza and are eager for customers to taste the unbelievable difference first-hand."

The pizza’s reinvention is the result of the company’s “three-year culinary innovation journey” which they hope fans will embrace.

While Pizza Hut insists the flavor has been enhanced to take the Original Pan Pizza “to the next level,” they are making it even more appetizing by temporarily dropping the price.

Right now it has been added to their Everyday Low-Price menu, so customers can get a large with two toppings for $7.99, when they order online.

If you were hoping to get one last taste of the OG Pan Pizza, you are out of luck. Pizza Hut has already started rolling out the new version across the country.