Recipes for National Cocktail Day


Of all the world’s fake food holidays, March 24, better known as National Cocktail Day is on the shortlist of the very best. Any excuse to have an extra Martini, Old Fashioned or Margarita is welcome. If you’ve celebrated in the past though, it’s time to kick things up a bit this year. Will Benedetto, the bar director for In Good Company Hospitality, gave us a couple recipes guaranteed to impress whoever you’re mixing cocktails for.

Modern Sazerac

One of the cocktails that made New Orleans famous, the Sazerac is one of those drinks any imbiber worth his bitters ought to have on the regular. The original Sazerac was made with Cognac, although newer versions have taken to using rye. This variation calls for both along with a rich demerara syrup (syrup made with raw sugar instead of refined white stuff)


1 oz Remy Martin VSOP

1 oz Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey

0.25 oz Demerara Syrup

4 dashes of Peychaud's Bitters


Lemon zest


Rinse a rocks glass with about a quarter ounce of absinthe, dump it and fill the glass with ice to chill it and set aside.  In a separate mixing glass combine the Cognac, rye, syrup and bitters and stir. Pour into the chilled, absinthe-rinsed glass rocks glass and express a lemon over top before discarding the peel.  

Gilded Fizz

If you’ve never made a fizz before you might be leery about using a raw egg white in your drink. Don’t be. All it does is give a layer of luscious, velvety foam on top. Once you start making egg white drinks you’ll wonder what took you so long to start.


1.5 oz of Hendrick's Gin

0.75 Lemon

0.75 Simple

1 egg white

2 oz of Thomas Henry Mango Lemonade


Combine all ingredients except for the Lemonade in a shaker tin and shake hard without ice.  Add ice and shake for a second time. Strain into a fizz or large rocks glass and top with Thomas Henry Mango Lemonade.  Garnish with a lemon twist.