Sophie Turner Reveals That Joe Jonas Knows 'Game of Thrones' Ending

Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner’s lips are sealed when it comes it the finale of the HBO series - well almost.

People on twitter were getting hot under the collar, claiming she told her friends the ending of the show. But the 23-year-old British actress says that’s not exactly the case.

“The truth is I’ve only told two people. It’s not that many,” Sophie said in interviews.

So then who does know? Her fiance Joe Jonas is one of them, she said.

Hopefully he can be trusted to have and to hold the secret for now. 

The eighth and final season returns to HBO on April 14. It's expected to be among the most-watched series finale in TV history, with still so many lingering questions that fans want answered. Questions like, who will rule when all is said and done?

For those of us who just can't enough GoT, fear not, both a reunion and a prequel are very much happening.