'Star Wars' Fanatics Are Stealing from Disneyland's New Attraction

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Photo credit Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Disneyland’s highly-anticipated “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” attraction has gotten off to a bustling start with lines at the door just about every day when it opens. The only kicker? Free souvenir scavengers have been stealing from the attraction to make a few bucks on eBay. 

The attraction has been open for just under a month, and already, there’s a growing underground market of “collectibles” that scammers have stolen from the park for resale on the Internet – and it’s working, Deadline reports.

People are snagging everything from coasters to utensils to park maps and making as much as $40 on some items, depending on what it is. 

Riding the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride will get you a color-coded flight crew card for free. But these cards can be sold for as much as $20 on the Internet. 

While Disney has refrained from commenting on the smuggling of “Galaxy’s Edge” goods, workers are doing their part to try and cut back on the illegal sales online. 

Servers at park restaurants are even taking extra steps to make sure that all of the menus get returned at the time of ordering. 

Still, park-goers are flocking to the attraction to get their share of the experiences you can't get online, like hearing the sounds of a rebel camp, seeing X-Wings fly overhead, and riding the Millennium Falcon for themselves without buying the souvenir online.