These Are the Top Dog Names of 2020

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(WWJ) Fido! Get back here!

Does that not sound familiar? If it doesn't, we know why: Your neighbor's dogs aren't named Fido anymore, or Rover or Spot.

When it comes to the top dog names this year, Luna, Charlie and Bella top the list. 

Trupanion, which a medical insurance company for pets, released its list of top names ahead of National Dog Day next Wednesday. 

Some other dog names on the list are Bailey, Cooper, Daisy, Lucy, Milo, Max and Coco.  

 While it tallied up the most popular dog names, Trupanion also reminded people that having a pet in your life is believed to, among other things, reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.

"So take the time and celebrate your dog (or other favorite pet) and be thankful for all the goodness they bring into your life," Trupanion wrote in a press release. 

 Trupanion combed through its database of nearly 530,000 insured pets and compiled the top 10 dog names for 2020.  Some popular names remain at the top of the list, while some new names (Coco and Milo) have found their way into the hearts of pet owners and on to the top 10 list.

So, without further ado...

 Top 10 dog names for 2020.

 1. Luna

2. Charlie

3. Bella

4. Bailey

5. Cooper

6. Daisy

7. Lucy

8. Milo

9. Max

10. Coco

Founded 20 years ago this month, the first pet ever insured by Trupanion was Monty - the adopted dog of Trupanion's founder and CEO, Darryl Rawlings. Trupanion has gone on to insure more than 1.3 million pets over the past 20 years.

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