Macklemore checks in to talk 'Ben,' sobriety, and that adorable moment with his daughter

'I expect that the music is going to connect with who it’s supposed to connect with'
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Upon the release of his brand new album, Ben, Macklemore checked in with Audacy to chat with Mike Adam a bit about it, and so much more. Including that adorable video of him asking his daughter to direct his video, and being transparent during his journey through sobriety.

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Nearly six years since his last album Gemini gave hits like, “Glorious” feat. Skylar Grey, “Good Old Days” feat. Ke$ha, and more — Macklemore is back and he’s catching us up on what he’s been up to.

But first Mike and Macklemore discussed something a bit more recent, his daughter’s reaction to him asking her to direct the music video for “NO BAD DAYS.” All of which was caught on video, shared, and gone a bit viral.

“The best part about it is that Sloane has no idea that the rest of the world knows that this is really happening. She doesn’t really get that part… That part is what messes you up. It’s like, ‘Okay, so what are people saying about me?’ And this idea of identity and ego and all that.”

Mainly concerned about protecting his daughter from the negative aspects of media, Macklemore added, “we’re gonna keep that completely separate, as much as possible from the experience of just making a music video and what that actually looks like. The art part of it, not the rest of it.”

During his three year hiatus, part of which included the pandemic like it did for us all, also involved an unfortunate relapse. Always one to be transparent on the topic, throughout his press tour Macklemore has been open about his sobriety journey, which is something he doesn’t shy away from when it comes to his children as well.

“Sloane’s been to meetings with me," Macklemore shared. “She asks me questions like, ‘Daddy, how’s your sober meetings going?’ We talk about it, and I don’t want to hide that because it’s not something that I need to feel guilt or shame or secrecy around. The whole intention is to put it out into the open. Like I’m not a finished products, this is what I’m working on, these are my struggles.”

When asked what the hardest question one of his kids has asked him, Macklemore noted it’s “Daddy, why are you leaving again?” as he’s “walking out of the door.”

"That’s the worst and the most challenging because, I’m choosing to be here. I’m choosing to put art out into the world… I think my answer is that we all have a job, and a light to shine, and I can’t just keep that light in our home. I need to go spread it, just you need to go spread your light too.”

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And for those of you wondering the chances of another Macklemore x Ryan Lewis album happening, “I don’t know what the future holds," he shared. "Ryan is my brother, I love that guy. I don’t know if I have another album in me, period. This is a lot of work… It is so much harder than it was five years ago. We’ll see. I will absolutely be in the studio with Ryan again. When? I don’t know. What that looks like in terms of a song, or two, or an album, who knows. But I’m open, and I love him.”

Other topics on the talking block included how his DJ Premier featured track “HEROES” came about, that photo of him and Lil Nas X, plus the story of how they met each other, his golf clothing line, and how he’d like to write a children’s book. And when it comes to his music, “I expect that the music is going to connect with who it’s supposed to connect with.”

Listen and watch the full interview above.

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