Audacy Check In: Rita Ora on the making of 'You Only Love Me' and the return of 'happy music'

'I think everyone just wants to hear good music'
Rita Ora Check In
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Rita Ora checked in with Audacy to chat with Bru all about her recently released track “You Only Love Me,” and it’s accompanying “fun random” music video.

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As the newly married Mrs. Waititi explained, “the whole campaign actually is about taking the piss out of myself. I don’t know if you guys say that here but you know, I just think that putting everything on its head is like a really exciting vision for me and so for this video… I basically just had a great time. I had all my friends kinda featured on it, I’ve got some really cool people in the video,” which includes Sharon Stone, who “plays my godmother.”

Rita sought inspiration from her obsessions, which include “Heathers and Bridezilla characters, and Edward Scissorhands.” Wanting to use that character for her music video, a choice Rita admitted, “turned out great, it was such a fun random video”

Excited that “Dance music is back,” as Bru said, Rita informed him that “Dance music has never left.”

“I think it’s such a strong life of music because it has the 4x4. It’s all very familiar, but it puts people in a great space or mood, no matter what. I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere, and I’ve made some dance records. I feel like pop and dance music are very close to each other.”

Clarifying that whether it was because of the pandemic or just “the state of the world,” Bru noted that there was “a lot of sad stuff coming out.” A point to which Rita whole-heartedly agreed. “I think music is definitely the forefront of representation of ourselves. And as an overall humanity we never really went through something at the same time. So I feel like a big, big change and shift happened in music. And now it’s back to that shift of everyone just being super happy to be out and about and like having a good time. So I think everyone just wants to hear good music, like happy music.”

WATCH NOW: Audacy Check In with Rita Ora


Rita’s happy music-filled album is set to arrive summertime of this year, with a supporting tour to follow next year. And while we don’t know much about the album, including its name, Rita did reveal that love and marriage was a major influence.

“The whole album was really based on how I’ve changed, meeting a person, and also how it made me a better person. So I feel like everyone finds their happiness through different things. This isn’t about happiness coming from one person because you’ve got to find it yourself, but I let myself find that joy. That whole realization period was something I really put into my music.”

Rita also revealed how she goes about choosing a lead single, saying, “for me, it’s about the story. What is a good introduction to the album? This is the beginning of the relationship. The second that comes out after this is the celebration of when everything is amazing.”

Rita went on to share the differences between working in film and on music, explaining the best (and worst) parts of both. As well as what is was like to collab with Jack Black on Kung Fu Panda 4. Also up for discussion, The GRAMMYs, her first concert (it was the Spice Girls), and more. So you definitely want to check out the entire interview above.

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